2021 Week 124 min read

Side projects

I initially intended to play around with Backblaze B2 and S3 stuff this weekend. However, I decided to do something else.

I've been exploring the idea of a side project that I'd really like to build. The project needs the API for a (fairly) new feature on GitHub. It wasn't released until a few weeks ago, so I had to wait before I could get started.

It's something that I would put on this website. Ideally, it may also be put on others' too.

I haven't really made a decision what framework I'd use to build it. I need both client and server code for this project, even though the server-side part should be pretty small (no database needed, I think). To make prototyping easier, for now I've been doing it with Next.js, the same framework I use to build this site. Midway, I tried to switch to Alpine for the front-end, but I couldn't get it to work with Tailwind's new JIT compiler.

The prototype is coming together pretty well. I'm hoping I could start releasing something next week as I progress. However, I'm also still wondering whether it would be better to wait and release the thing when it's finished(ish). I really want people to try this out, though!

Oh, and this site now also uses Tailwind's JIT compiler. It's fast! One of the things I didn't like about using Tailwind was how big the CSS file in development mode is. My browser always took a few seconds to load it when I opened Dev Tools. Well, not anymore!

I ran into some problems with postcss-nested. As suggested by others, I replaced it with sass. Works fine so far.


Not much to say about work this week. We're close to wrapping up the first iteration. One feature was really complex to implement in the backend, so it took more time than expected. I'm still working on the front-end, though.


It's been quite a while since I last did exercise on a regular basis. In the past months, university and my part-time job got me busy pretty much every day. On the weekend, I'd either be doing homework or too exhausted already.

Now that I've finished my study, I'm planning to get back to exercise. Slowly. I walked a few kilometers today, so that's a start. I think it's the first time I go outside in the last few months, and one of the very few times in the last year. After spending so much time inside my house, going outside for a while felt really refreshing. I also noticed some new things around my area, which were quite interesting.

I also replaced my bike's tires. The bike is 10 years old and I haven't ridden it that much in the past two years. I've replaced some parts of it, but I had never replaced the tires before. We'll see how it performs next week!

For fun, I also rewatched some Breaking Bad. My sister started her first watch recently. She just got into the final season, which is where things really escalated. I joined in on some episodes, and watched through the finale. I first watched it in high school, around 2015. I remember being so fascinated by the show that I told all my friends about it. I really liked the writing and acting. When Better Call Saul (a prequel series) came out, I immediately watched it, and I've been following it since.