New and old

2021 Week 143 min read


I went to a barbershop for the first time in more than a year. I had a haircut (poorly) done at home in June and hadn't had another one since. My hair had got pretty long since then.

At my sister's request, I tried a different hairstyle this time. Previously, I never asked for a specific hairstyle whenever I went to the barber. The result is pretty good, though it's really unusual for me.


I had quite a struggle getting Formik, Material UI, and yup to work the way I want them to. I'd never done forms with React before. Having to finish the implementation by Tuesday was quite hard. Glad it's done(-ish), though.

Having the Friday off was really helpful for me to have a break.

That project

I got the sign-in feature working. I could've added another essential feature, but I think I need to find a different approach to call GitHub's API. I need to call it server-side because there's a weird CORS issue for the API I'm using.

I previously intended to have different endpoints with different methods for each action (REST-style). However, doing it for every single GraphQL call that I want to make seems daunting, and goes against the point of using GraphQL. I guess I'll just write a generic endpoint that'll just pass the request to GitHub.

Other stuff

I did some morning walk today. It was good, but I felt really tired today. It's also why this post is written so late.

I started playing Red Dead Redemption (the original). It's only available on consoles, so I borrowed my friend's XBOX 360 last week. (I probably should've written about that).

Compared to the sequel (or rather, prequel), it's a bit outdated. It's still a good game, though. I just wish Rockstar would remake it using RDR2's engine and release it on PC. After all, they've already remade most of RDR1's map in RDR2.

The last gaming console I had was a PS2. I gave it to my cousin about a decade ago. Since then, I've been playing games on my laptop and PC. I kinda wish I could play some PS3 and PS4 exclusives, though.

If I were to buy gaming peripherals in the future, I probably would build a new PC and buy a VR kit. I really want to play Half-Life: Alyx. I heard Valve's coming up with a new title, as well.