2021 Week 152 min read

That project

I've got most of the core features working, including pagination. I almost gave up trying to get useSWRInfinite to play nicely with the API. Pagination was tricky because I want the UI to always show the first and last pages, and load the rest on demand (while still showing the first and last pages). I think I got it to work, but I'll have to recheck later.

I really want to get this out soon. If everything goes smoothly, I might be able to release it next week. However, I probably will push it for another week to polish some stuff.


I didn't have a lot to do this week. Which is nice because I was a bit overwhelmed last week.

Other stuff

I bought a 1TB SSD drive a few months ago using an Amazon gift card I won from a competition. I haven't got around to install it in my laptop, as that means I'd have to copy everything over. So the SSD had just been sitting since then, still sealed.

A friend of mine wanted to buy it. He came by yesterday and asked me to help install it in his laptop. So I did. Things went smoothly! I also did a fresh install of Windows and Office on the machine. All good.