Friendly faces

2021 Week 423 min read

giscus 💎

Someone sent a PR to add Romanian localization. The same person opened the issue for localization support a while back. I've merged the PR. Glad to see that giscus now supports more languages!

I still have to implement the language configuration menu and add Indonesian localization, though. Some of the work has been done, but it's not there yet. Hopefully soon.

I wrote a blog post on how I cached GitHub access tokens in Supabase. It took longer to write than I expected. I'm happy that it's done. It's been a while since I last wrote a proper blog post. I hope I can write more soon.


Work was pretty much the usual. We started doing the second part of the project. This second part is very similar to the first one, but there are also some significant differences. It's pretty hard to find the middle ground between DRY and WET. I still don't know the best option in this situation...

Still had to do my TA work on Sunday. I didn't open any appointment slots on Saturday because I needed some rest. It seems some students also forgot to schedule their homework demonstration... sigh.

Entertainment & Friends

My high school friends arranged to meet and play badminton on Saturday! It's been months since I last saw them (even more than a year for some of them). The last time I played badminton was... four, five years ago (maybe more?), it's crazy 🏸

My friends and I after we played some badminton!

My high school friends and me. We couldn't get someone to take our photo, so we had to put the phone somewhere far and set a timer, which explains the low quality. You can see Sam and Sean in the photo, but I'm not going to tell which one is whom 😛

It was so much fun to see (almost) everyone. For the record, we're all vaccinated and we wore masks before and after playing.

We're trying to make this into a somewhat regular event, maybe monthly or once every few weeks.

Since we planned to play badminton on Saturday, Sam and I decided to move the weekly session to Wednesday for this week. Sean was busy so he couldn't join. Sam wasn't ready to share his progress on learning Django, so it was mostly just some friendly chat. I did share some of my progress on the instrument, though.

On the weekend, Sam asked a few questions on Django and git. We had a one hour call to work through some of that stuff on Sunday. I'm really happy to see his progress!

I didn't have time to play Final Fantasy XIV this week. I think I'll play a bit longer next weekend.