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2021 Week 435 min read

giscus 💎

The internationalization and localization support got a major refactor this week. I spent a lot of time making the strings translatable, and making sure that the language can be changed on-the-fly. It's done now!

The main page can now be completely localized, including the configuration options. Changing the language in the configuration step would also change the language of the website. That includes changing the language of the loaded giscus <iframe> at the bottom of the page, to demonstrate how the language can be changed on-the-fly.

I've also added Indonesian localization. I was half-expecting someone would send a PR, but I already did some of the translations while doing the refactor, so I just decided to quickly make a follow-up PR.

Still hoping the folks who contributed the Polish and Romanian localizations to translate the new strings (and README), though. I've pinged them.

We also got around more than 100 stars this week, which is quite a lot.

Now I kinda wish I could make some money off this 😛


We had a national holiday on Wednesday. As I mentioned two weeks ago, I took the Thursday and Friday off. It's a much needed mini-vacation, even though I ended up still writing code.

No TA duties this week because the students are having mid-term exams. Talk about a great timing.

Entertainment & Friends

Sam wanted me to teach him some Django and how to work with APIs. We decided to go to my university on Thursday morning.

After we arrived, we ate nasi kebuli I brought for breakfast. Then we walked a few kilometers around my campus to get some fresh air. It was a bit surreal to see how empty the place was. It's been a long time since I last went there.

Sam was working on his personal website as part of learning Django and web development in general. I taught him some template inheritance and CSS stuff.

He also had this idea of a small project that we could work on. It's going to utilize some kind of a maps API and he asked me how to get started. He wanted to try using the Google Maps API, so we played around with the official bindings just to see whether the idea would work. It kinda did! He was so stoked when we finally saw this image:

Three markers on a map

It was the result of some manual input processing in an IPython session, testing our basic flow for the project. We're going to talk more about it when we make some significant progress.

I have yet to teach him how to work with an API using plain HTTP requests (e.g. via requests or httpx), though. However, I did show him some part of the Google Maps library code that uses requests to make the API calls.

Those things pretty much took the whole day. We went home just after nightfall. We took turns picking songs to play in his car. I sang some songs, something I had never seriously done in front of other people before. Testing the waters 🤷

A friend from university asked me to help her install a new SSD on her laptop on Saturday. We met up on campus (again). Installing the SSD was quite tricky with the way her laptop was built. We also replaced the optical drive with the old hard drive using a caddy. That took around two hours.

That also means we had to reinstall Windows and some essential programs on the SSD. At first, I didn't know that she also wanted the hard drive to be cleaned, so I didn't touch it when installing Windows. It turns out that for some reason Windows detected the bootloader on the hard drive and decided to reuse that bootloader for the new installation, even though I opted for a fresh install. We ended up redoing the installation.

We spent a few hours waiting for Genshin Impact to finish downloading. She loves that game so much and seeing how fast it loads on SSD was really mindblowing for her 🤯 (It went from minutes to seconds.)

She also wanted to install Ubuntu, so I put Ubuntu Budgie on it afterwards.

I'm happy that the whole thing went well. I'm also happy to see her again. The last time we saw each other was back in March 2020. We've been friends since the very beginning of our study, so it was weird not to see each other in the final year.

I played some Final Fantasy XIV on Saturday. My high school friends and I also hung out on Discord for a bit.

I'm thinking of playing FFXIV again with whatever time left tonight (it's almost 11PM here), but I'm also thinking of playing around with the instrument again. Still undecided.

In any case... I have to go back to work tomorrow 🥲