2021 Week 443 min read

giscus 💎

Someone submitted a French localization for giscus. Chinese localization followed soon after. It's always nice to see that giscus supports more languages!

Chinese language support in particular, is really nice because I've noticed that a large number of giscus users are from China.

No other updates yet, I'm planning to make more this week.


I finished my tasks for the second part of the project. I'm going to be the person in charge for some small ad hoc requests from the product team. It shouldn't be too hard... at least I hope so.

On Friday, I finally met my coworkers for the first time after ~8 months of working from home. Our VP of Tech just resigned, so we had some kind of a farewell event. We visited a local mangrove park and had dinner until 9pm. It was fun! 🥳

My coworkers and I at the mangrove park
My coworkers and I, having dinner

Entertainment, Friends, &...

I played FFXIV for about an hour on Saturday. There were some other things to do, so I couldn't play longer.

Sam and I had to reschedule our weekly session to Sunday because of the event.

He has been working on our project and he has made some great progress. I taught him how to refactor the code to improve its readability and maintainability. I also taught him some git stuff, like making clean commits, working on a branch to make a PR, and using interactive rebase to amend a past commit. He was amazed at how powerful git is.

He understood most of the stuff I explained, though we both acknowledged that it's going to take some time to grasp it. That's perfectly fine. For someone coming from non-CS background, being able to make sense out of all this is an achievement in itself.

On Friday, I impulsively did something that would change my life forever.

Let's just say that it involves a person I've cared a lot for since more than four years ago.

If you've been reading these logs, you might've correctly guessed who it is.

I'm so grateful it went well. Much better than I had expected, actually. I'm glad I did not hesitate... Had I waited longer, the outcome might've been different.

It feels so surreal. I'm still taking my time to process the whole thing.

Needless to say, I'm happy 🥰