2021 Week 462 min read

giscus 💎

A few contributors added Spanish, Swiss German, and Italian localizations this week. We now support nine languages!

There was a nasty bug in the React component. I've released an updated that fixes it. A fix from inside giscus itself has also been added for good measure.

I still haven't merged the fixed-width font toggle PR yet. Will do soon.


I'm on call this week and the next. Not very familiar with the issues, so I had to get help from my coworkers.

For my TA work, two groups demonstrated their midterm projects. One group used JSONField in one of the models. That made my day.

I also had some preparations for my next move. Still too soon to write about it, though.

Fun stuff

Sam and I skipped our session this week because he wants to prepare for an interview on Tuesday. He did make some UI improvements to our project, though.

My friends and I played badminton again on Saturday 🏸

My friends and I after we played some badminton!

It was fun, as always. We also had brunch together after that. We'll play again next Sunday.

I still regularly practice on the instrument.

She had to attend a relative's wedding on the weekend. We're planning to do some activities two weeks from now.