2021 Week 472 min read

giscus 💎

Korean localization has been added. That rounds up our supported languages to ten 🌐

It turns out that the nasty bug from last week wasn't fully fixed, but it should be now. At least from the server-side.

I've merged the fixed-width font toggle PR. That's one small improvement to the UX. It would've been even better if GitHub had an API to get the user's preferences, making the toggle unnecessary.


I had to mitigate some on-call issues. Thankfully, it wasn't anything big.

The TA work is mostly postponed because I need some rest.

There's something I would like to announce, but now is still too soon. Maybe early next year.

Fun stuff

Sam, Sean, and I had our session this week. As Sean was able to join, we decided to talk about some medical stuff. Sam and I gained some insights into x-ray scans and other interesting things.

As planned from last week, my friends and I played badminton again on Sunday 🏸

My friends and I after we played some badminton!

I guess I've posted enough about our badminton sessions by now 😆

I still regularly practice on the instrument. Still haven't explored more, though.