2021 Week 493 min read

giscus 💎

Someone added Japanese localization. Someone else sent some PRs to clean up the repo (adding Stylelint, removing duplicate dependencies, etc.). The Romanian translation for the README has been added as well.

There was a surge of GitHub stars on Friday. We got more than 100 stars within a day. Looks like more people are starting to discover the project. Let's see if we can make it to 1k before the end of the year...


Most of the tasks are done. Should be finished next week.

Filled the self-assessment form as part of the second performance review this year. I'll start filling the peer review form next week.


Went to the dentist on Friday. It's the first visit in more than a decade, so I was worried I might have cavities 😬

After having my teeth scaled, the dentist said that my teeth are good. No cavities. Apparently, I even still have some deciduous teeth...

Got a new pair of glasses on Saturday. The left eye hasn't got worse in the past few years (still needs -1.25 diopters). Meanwhile, it seems the right eye needs -2.00 diopters (it was -1.75 before), though I couldn't tell much difference.

We had a family dinner at a restaurant after that. It's been years since the last time.

Got a new haircut on Sunday. There's a difference between a haircut you get from a barbershop vs. home 💇

It's quite refreshing.

Fun stuff

Sam hasn't been feeling well, so we skipped this week's session. That means no badminton either.

Actually, I planned to play badminton with friends from university on Saturday. However, my close friend (who got me into FFXIV) was not in good shape that day, so we both decided to join next week.

A new expansion for FFXIV is coming up. That seems to bring a lot of people back into the game. The servers were full and I couldn't play because I'm still on the free trial 🙁

I watched The Medium on Sunday. The first hour was interesting, but it got messy near the end. I'm a fan of the director's previous movies (Shutter, Alone, Pee Mak, segments of 4bia & Phobia 2) and I like those better.

Didn't touch the instrument that much this week. Still a bit tired...