2022 Week 013 min read

I'm on vacation, so there are no updates on work and giscus.

It feels kinda weird to not write code for more than a whole week.

A close friend of mine just got back from a trip and he got me a gift.

We met at a bookstore on Tuesday. I didn't buy anything from the store, though. It's just that the place isn't far from his, and we're both familiar with it.

It's been almost two years since I last saw him in person, so it's really nice to see him again.

There was a family birthday on Wednesday. My aunts and cousin visited us to celebrate.

We didn't do anything for new year's eve. I mean, we never really do anything for it every year anyway, so it's nothing bad. Sometimes we would visit a relative and celebrate the occasion with them, but we haven't done that in years.

I even kinda slept through it. I woke up at around 23:58 because I heard the fireworks. I waited a bit until a few minutes past midnight and I went back to sleep.

Despite being on vacation, I don't really feel happy. Not overly sad, either. Just... I don't know how to put it in words.

For a last/first week of the year, it's much tougher than usual.

I initially planned to complete the documents needed to get my transcript. Yeah, it's been almost a year since I graduated and I haven't got around to it. With the way things went this week, though... I'm just gonna push it for later.

And so, I didn't do much for the whole week. Most of the days were spent playing Fallout 3. It's a vast game and I've spent more than fifty hours on it. I'm about to get to the ending.

On Saturday, I played badminton early in the morning with my friends. Then we had breakfast together at McDonald's.

I wanted to go for a walk on Sunday, but my preferred area was closed, so I went back home. That was a bit disappointing. Thankfully, the ride back home was quite relaxing.

Sam and I played We Were Here on Sunday. For a free game, it's nice and short. We spent too much time on some of the puzzles because we were thinking too far. It's pretty fun, though!

I chatted with Sam for a few hours after that. Talking about the things that happened this week was comforting.

I really hope it gets better.

Just as the world started to make sense... unbeknownst to us, it was over as soon as it began. Like the revelation that came unto you: it washed upon my face, drowning the tears at once.