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2022 Week 064 min read

giscus 💎

Fixed a nasty bug that could cause a crash. It turns out my workaround for the footnotes implementation was not correct. Previously, I wrote this paragraph:

In addition, because giscus is loaded within an <iframe>, clicking the anchor links for the footnotes would take the viewer to the embedded page instead of scrolling to the correct anchor. I've fixed this by lifting the anchor links to the parent page. However, I haven't figured out a way to scroll the parent page to where the anchor exists in the <iframe>. I don't think there's a way, at least not without some nasty JavaScript.

The problem is, I used window.parent.location.href to get the parent page's location. The location is undefined if accessed from a cross-origin <iframe>, making it crash if we try to access .href. I did not catch the bug before because I tested it on the giscus homepage, which means that the <iframe> is on the same domain. The fix is to use document.referrer instead.

There are also some small updates, like Korean localization improvements and allowing repo ID, category ID, and page description to be overridden from the parent page.


Spent most of the week explaining the config that I've set up for the project.

Had my last day on Friday. We were supposed to have an offline event, but Covid has been going pretty wild lately, so we decided to have it online. Each of us ordered food and we played some games and had some chit chat.

My teammates bought me a Soundcore Motion+. I've been meaning to buy it, but I had been kinda hesitant about it, as my Soundcore 2 still works just fine. They wanted me to test it with "the instrument", so I did and played a few tunes.

Anyway, my teammates are great and I enjoyed working with them. I'll be free for the next two weeks before starting my next job.

Fun stuff

Watched Mulholland Drive on Tuesday. What a movie. It was very confusing and surreal. It's the first time I watched something created by David Lynch, I heard that's just how he create stuff. It made more sense after I read some explanations on the internet, though my guess wasn't too far-fetched. It kinda reminds me of Perfect Blue for some reason.

Also watched The Game on Friday. That was a pretty fun movie. The twist is... that there's no twist. I liked how the narrative played out.

Sam and I pushed our session to Monday as he's still busy with some stuff.

Went for a morning walk on Saturday. It was refreshing, as always.

Finally installed Resident Evil 4 HD Project and played through the first chapter. I recorded my playthrough!

I've played through the game numerous times before, but this is my first playthrough of the game in six years! I've been following the HD project since it started back in 2014, and I waited for it before starting another run 😆

I'm not satisfied with the mic audio, though. I'll try to change a few settings in the next recording and see if it helps.

I don't plan on starting a gaming channel or anything, but who knows. My channel would probably be filled with lots of random stuff. I'll upload anything I want.