Virtual travelling

2022 Week 072 min read

giscus 💎

Fixed another nasty bug that could cause a crash.

If a comment author's user account has been deleted, GitHub replaces it with the @ghost user account. However, it only does so on the website. On the API, it returns null instead. My assumption in the code would break the comment component when this happens, crashing the application. The fix is to replace the null with a hardcoded @ghost user.

Also removed the dependency on iframe-resizer. Replaced it with a custom solution using ResizeObserver and postMessage. Seems to work wonders. Also updated the giscus component library to use that solution.

Speaking of which... the giscus component library is getting a bit tough to maintain. I experimented with Lit to build the component as a Web Component instead, so that it can be used with any framework/library. Managed to get it working, but I haven't figured out how to make type checking working when using it in a React/Vue/Svelte project. The package has been published, but it's still very early and the repo hasn't been pushed.


No work!

Fun stuff

I've mostly been playing Resident Evil 4 with the HD project and recording it. I'm about to start the Island part of the game. Videos are up on my YouTube channel.

Had a chat with Sam. Somehow that ended up with us travelling around the world on Street View. That was fun.

Like last week, I went for a morning walk on Saturday. It was refreshing, as always.