2022 Week 082 min read

giscus 💎

Fixed a rare case where browsers would honor the X-Frame-Options header despite allowing the origin in the frame-ancestors CSP. Some extensions seem to trigger this behavior, even on new browsers that support CSP.

Fixed some layout issues that caused the iframe to be clipped sometimes.

Also fixed an issue where SWR mutations would be incorrectly handled when the comments are ordered by newest-first.

Dropped next-plugin-preact as it seems to be unmaintained and causing issues. Replaced it with a simple webpack resolve alias which seems to work. Upgraded Next.js to v12.1.0. I also did these changes for this website.


Still no work!

I did configure a new Linux user account for my new workplace, though. Had to find a way to enable disk encryption for that user account's home directory. I managed to do it thanks to the Arch Linux wiki. I'll probably write a blog post on that later.

They gave me access to a bunch of accounts for work. Things are looking great for the next week!

Fun stuff

I've finished the main Resident Evil 4 campaign. I must say, the HD project is really good. It's so faithful to the original game's design, so it doesn't get in the way. I've recorded all the chapters, but I'll upload them to YouTube one by one over the next few days.

Talked about a lot of things with Sam on Friday. We exchanged our thoughts on some specific matters in life. Talking about these things reassured me that some unfortunate things just happen for the better.

I did not went for a morning walk on Saturday. Instead, I attended an annual Wikimedia Indonesia meeting. I've been a member for five years. There's an election for the new general chairperson this year. It was nice to see some familiar faces. I think I hadn't met them for three years.

Not fun stuff!!!

My Windows installation broke 😡