2022 Week 092 min read

This was a crazy week for the whole world. I don't know enough to say something about it, but I do wish things get better and that everyone stays safe.

giscus 💎

Not much this week, just some dependencies updates. Someone submitted a Turkish localization but I have yet to review it.


In other, not devastating news...

This week was my first week on the new job!

Well, I haven't disclosed it here yet, so here it is:

I'm working with Torchbox to develop Wagtail CMS and other cool products!

I said "with" instead of "at" because I'm not officially an employee (yet). I'm working remotely as a contractor.

Everybody is so nice. I also managed to get a few PRs in on the first week. Really enjoying my time so far!

They gave me an allowance to buy a new laptop (yay!). I went with MacBook Pro 14" 2021 and configured it over the weekend. It's my first macOS device, so it's going to take some time to get used to.

I'll have more exciting news later this year!

Other stuff

Had a chat with Sam on Friday. It was relatively short, as I was tired and he also had other plans. Still, it's nice to hear his updates and talk about my first week on the new job.

Had a fever and a bad flu from Tuesday to Thursday. Got better by Friday, but I still felt weak. It's possible that it's COVID... as I did go outside last Saturday. Didn't take the test, though, so I can't tell.

Apart from the coughing, I'm feeling much better now.

Oh yeah, got a haircut on Sunday. Feels fresh.

Haven't reinstalled Windows on my T480. I'll do that next weekend, maybe.