A year of logs

2022 Week 105 min read

giscus 💎

We have Turkish language support now. Some dependencies have also been updated.


I've been working on some really interesting stuff that probably can be considered metaprogramming. We're still building the MVP, but it's looking pretty good so far.

Meanwhile, I also made some progress on adding JSONField support to Wagtail's StreamField. There were some failing tests for legacy stuff in Wagtail. I'll need to look into those later and duplicate the tests so that they run on both JSONField and TextField-based StreamField.

This probably shouldn't be considered work, but on a related note: I'll be speaking at Wagtail Space US 2022! I have yet to prepare the materials, but it's related to the PRs I made to Wagtail in the past two weeks. My internet connection is unreliable, so I guess I'll just prerecord the talk.

Other stuff

Went to the university on Saturday. I don't have a decent photo to be displayed on Torchbox's website, so I asked Sam to take one. My university has some good spots for pictures if you're looking for some green, outdoors background.

Photo of me at the university

I don't think I've ever taken a picture with this pose, honestly. Sam asked me to try different poses and I think this one ended up being the only one where my smile doesn't look so awkward :P

By pure coincidence, I met one of my closest university friends. He graduated last semester and he was taking some graduation photos with his family. I can't believe it's been more than two years since we last met. It felt nice to finally see him in person again, considering that he's one of my first classmates in university.


This log (or the previous one?) marks one year of my weekly(-ish) logs. I started with 2021 Week 10, and now it's 2022 Week 10. I'm happy that I'm still able to keep this up, even when it's off by a few days (like this one, heh).

Not gonna lie, it does feel like a chore sometimes. However, it's also nice to reflect on what has been going on in my life, one week at a time. Sure, it's not always all good, and it's not always interesting, but that's just how life is. To write the highlights, and the highlights only, would kinda defeat the point.

To recap a little bit:

  • Graduated and started my first full-time job when I first wrote the first log.
    Meanwhile, I started a new job last week! That's almost exactly a year.
  • Started building giscus and released it.
    Got it sponsored by Vercel. Also had a first incident. Now, it's got more than 1.5k stars in less than a year!
  • Released a few updates to django-jsonfield-backport.
    Last week, someone actually sent a $50 donation to me and I released another update, but I forgot to write about it. That's my first donation I've ever received from doing open source work!
  • Started learning "the instrument" again.
    Still haven't recorded a full song cover yet, but I think I've made some really good progress over the year! Really hope I could record something real soon!
  • Started exercising somewhat more regularly.
    No obvious gains yet, but there are definitely some improvements. Also started playing badminton every few weeks with my high school friends.
  • Got my first and second dose of the vaccine.
    Actually just got my booster shot today, but that should be in the next log.
  • Learned Godot.
    Only followed through the tutorial. I also still haven't got back into that game remake idea. At least I managed to learn a few concepts in Godot, though I probably have forgot most of them :P
  • Played some video games.
    Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, Psychonauts 2, Fallout 3, Resident Evil 6, and Yakuza 0. Also played some MMOs: World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. Also recently recorded my playthrough of Resident Evil 4 with the HD project installed.
  • Watched a bunch of movies.
    Too lazy to write them all down here.
  • Read some books.
    Thirteen Reasons Why and The Great Gatsby. Been meaning to read more, but haven't got the mood yet.
  • Had my teeth scaled.
    So glad that my teeth are fine, considering I hadn't visited a dentist in more than a decade before that.
  • Failed to prove myself wrong about a particular thing =)

There are things I haven't mentioned above, but if I were to write everything then I would end up rewriting the logs. Also didn't bother to link to every single relevant log as I think there are way too many links already. They're still there if you want to read them. I wonder if I should archive them eventually 🤔


Things are going to be very exciting this year.

May we be surrounded by love from the people we truly love.

Thanks for reading. Take care!