2022 Week 133 min read

giscus 💎

Made some improvements to the reactions button popover menu. Otherwise, not much else for giscus itself.

However, I did some hacking for a v2 of the component library so that it uses the web component I made. Managed to get it working for React, Vue, and Svelte, but I haven't tested if it works as packages for each framework. I started from scratch for the v2, so I had to set up the cjs/esm stuff as well. Not sure I got it right... We'll see next week, maybe.


Still working on the project and really enjoying it so far!

Also had an introduction to the Sales and Marketing team. It's interesting to to see people from the other parts of the company. Didn't really have a chance for that on my previous job.

Wagtail Space US

Recorded and delivered my Wagtail Space talk on Friday. There was a slight audio issue when the recording was played, but thankfully they sorted it out in a minute.

I kinda feel like the talk is a bit too slow-paced, but maybe it's because I already know what I'm saying. Also definitely could've put more stuff on the Wagtail side.

Maybe I should've done it live instead. Then again, it was 22:30 in my timezone, so going pre-recorded might've been the wise choice.

Glad it's done, though. That had been in the back of my mind these past few weeks and that kind of made me feel uneasy. All things considered, I think I did well.

Slides are available here.

Other stuff

Sam had some bad news and he wasn't in the mood for a chat. He did watch my talk, though.

On Saturday, I watched Good Time and The One I Love. Both are great movies and really fun to watch. Good Time is exciting as it's a bit fast-paced. The One I Love is more intriguing and a bit unsettling at times. The acting is superb in both movies.

Bought Resident Evil 2 Remake on Monday. Meanwhile, the "1-Shot Demo" had been sitting on my laptop since before the game's release, but I hadn't played it. On Sunday, I decided to play through the demo as a warm-up.

It runs pretty well on my old laptop. Got around 40-50 fps, but I hadn't tweaked the settings yet. I'll play the actual game next week and see if I can get a better performance/quality balance.

Anyway, Leon looks so innocent in this one 😳 Makes sense as he's still a rookie in RE2's story, though. He's pretty badass in RE4. I didn't like how he basically became emo in RE6.