2022 Week 152 min read

giscus 💎

The loading state now uses GitHub's Mona loading animation that shows up on your homepage:

GitHub loading animation

Also made some styling and accessibility fixes. Dependencies have been updated, but I had to revert the upgrade to React 18 due to an issue with Preact. It doesn't really matter, as we only use Preact anyway...

Meanwhile, on giscus-component, new versions have been released. It's just to fix an outdated link in the error suggestion. The Svelte component, however, had quite an important bugfix, as I accidentally wrap the component in a <main> element.


We've been planning for some work that will bring new features to Wagtail. Nice to get to work on open source again 😄

Other stuff

I didn't play Borderlands 2 this week. I did, however, play Resident Evil 2 Remake again. It's fun and quite challenging sometimes. I don't think it's that scary, but being chased by Mr. X does give me the adrenaline rush.

Sam had some really good news on Thursday. I felt so relieved to hear it.

We had our session on Sunday night. I showed a bit of my progress on the instrument. Also, on Friday I just discovered that I can easily hook it up with GarageBand using a cable that I own. Looks like that cover might finally be made... 👀

Anyway, we also talked about "the news" and we jokingly made a plan that might just become a reality by the end of the year. We'll see!