2022 Week 232 min read

giscus 💎

Only updated some dependencies. Tried to merge a PR to change the status code from 404 to 204 when giscus can't find the discussion, but turns out it still needs some adjustments.


Rebased my PRs and rearranged my commits. I also wrote a high-level overview of the work I have been (and will be) doing on Snippets. Presented that in the core team meeting. It went pretty well.

This week's Thursday and Friday were bank holidays in the UK. My line manager is on holiday this week and the next, so the PRs are gonna have to wait.

Other stuff

I forgot to write it here, but I took a TB test on Saturday last week. Got the results on Monday. All good, thankfully.

Finally got around to picking up my graduation certificate and transcript at the university on Thursday. I had been holding off as I was too lazy to complete the paperwork. Printing my bachelor thesis and internship (with hardcover), burning the soft copy to a CD, getting my picture taken, yadda yadda.

Met my friend who also went to pick up his graduation certificate. He just got back from his hometown, so he brought some gifts. He's the same friend who also participated in GSoC back in 2019. I hadn't met him again since 2020. Felt so good to see him again. Forgot to take photos, though 🙁

Finished the main story of Borderlands 2 with my friends on Saturday. We continued to play one of the DLCs, but we haven't got far.

Also played Fallout. Still fun. I'm so digging the 40s-50s music.