Everything, everywhere

2022 Week 292 min read

giscus 💎

Only updated some dependencies. Don't have the energy to work on anything else yet...


The preview panel has been merged. Yay! I've also been working on migrating the modals in the Wagtail admin to use a new dialog component that has better accessibility.

Other stuff

Watched Everything Everywhere All at Once with Nat on Saturday! What an emotional rollercoaster. Tears were shed...

Nat and I in front of a mural inside the mall

We had Subway sandwiches for lunch. It's the first time I tried Subway. It was pretty good. The vegetables were fresh 😋

I also hosted an online watch party with my high school friends on Saturday night. We watched Dabbe: Curse of the Jinn. It's an interesting horror movie as it incorporates Islamic culture as part of the plot, so there were things that we picked up on.

Forgot to wrote it here, but I hosted another party last week, and we watched Incantation.

We also played badminton on Sunday.

It's quite a social week this week!