Strictly significant

2022 Week 302 min read

giscus 💎

Made some significant updates this week!

Also released new versions of the giscus-component packages to add support for strict title matching. Screwed up while releasing the Svelte package, so I had to release another version, making the numbers out of sync.


Extracted the queryset filtering code from Wagtail's base ReportView to its generic IndexView. This means that the Snippets listing view can have filters.

Opened a PR to add Updated and Status columns to Snippets listing. I initially also added support for ordering the Name column, but it needs a way for developers to point out which database column it corresponds to. Introducing a new API for this seems too early, so I decided to leave this one out.

We've been working on a new UX for the scheduled publishing feature, but we encountered some really tricky edge cases. We're trying to find a different approach.

Other stuff

Played badminton on Sunday. Not much else, really.

Haven't got back to Fallout: New Vegas yet as I spent a lot of time on giscus.