1. Jun 2017-Aug 2021

    Computer Science Undergraduate

    Universitas Indonesia

    3.93/4.00 CGPA

    Relevant courses taken:

    • Web Design and Programming, Software Engineering, Data Structures and Algorithms, Databases, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Mobile Programming, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Data Science and Analytics.

  1. Jul 2019-present

    Led the Universitas Indonesia chapter of Developer Student Clubs, a program by Google Developers.

    • Built a new community from the ground-up with a core team of five people.

    • Gathered 270+ students to become community members.

    • Held workshops, talks, and a sprint to improve students' software development skills.

    • Raised awareness about open source by helping students contribute to open source software projects.

  2. Jul 2019-present

    Became a member of GenBI, a community of Bank Indonesia's scholarship grantees.

    • Held social projects that aim to improve economics literacy in Indonesia.

    • Wrote opinion articles for newspaper publications.

    • Wrote content to be published in social media feeds.

  1. Aug 2018-present

    Tutored students, designed problem sets, and graded student assignments in four different courses.

    1. Programming Foundations I

      Programming basics, OOP basics, and GUI basics in Python.

    2. Introduction to Computer Organization

      MIPS & AVR architecture and emulated devices (LCD, buttons, keypad).

    3. Web Design and Programming

      Web development with Django (with test-driven development), JQuery, Bootstrap, GitLab CI, and Heroku.

    4. Programming Foundations II

      OOP with Java, GUI with JavaFX, and basic web programming with Spring Boot.

      Additional work as a coordinator:

      • Worked with two other coordinators to manage a team of 28 teaching assistants.
      • Reviewed and created grading schemes for weekly lab assignments given out to 400+ students.
      • Built an automatic submission checking system using JUnit, Gradle, and GitLab CI.
  2. Jan 2020

    Improved and added new features to a room reservation system.

    • Upgraded the stack from Django 1.9 and Python 2.7 to Django 3.0 and Python 3.8.

    • Optimized some of the database queries, resulting in more than 10x performance increase to certain pages.

    • Fixed multiple bugs and security vulnerabilities found in the system.

    • Added new features to enhance the user experience.

  3. May 2019-Aug 2019

    Participated in the annual open source software development program held by Google.

    • Added a new JSONField that can be used for all database backends supported by Django (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and Oracle Database).

    • Identified and provided an initial patch for a security vulnerability in Django.

    • Documented the whole journey on a blog on a regular basis during the program.

  4. July 2018

    Technical Staff Intern

    Wikimedia Indonesia

    Set up a local server to host applications internally and instructed the employees on how to use them.

    • Deployed a financial program used by the accountants.

    • Localized and deployed a NodeJS application to manage employees' annual leave.

  1. Mar 2020

    Discussed my programming background, Google Summer of Code experience, and advice for future student Django contributors in an episode of DjangoChat, a weekly podcast on the Django Web Framework.

  2. Jun 2016-Sep 2016

    Grand Prize Winner

    Besut Kode

    Won the grand prize of Besut Kode, an open source software development competition for high school students held by Wikimedia Indonesia.

    • Set up a CI/CD service to automatically run static code analysis tools.

    • Fixed Python 3 support for the loklak-python-api library.

    • Wrote bug reports and fixed static code errors for open source projects on GitHub.