Hi, I'm Sage. I build up and break down stuff in the open. After studying Computer Science at Universitas Indonesia, I worked as a software engineer at GudangAda. Now, I'm freelancing as an open source software developer while preparing for my next step in life.

I enjoy using Django and I have made some contributions to it. During Google Summer of Code 2019, I implemented a JSONField feature for all database systems supported by Django. The feature was merged and included in the Django 3.1 release. I documented my journey and spoke about it at the DjangoCon Europe 2020 virtual event and an episode of the DjangoChat podcast.

I love learning new things. Recently, I've been diving into front-end web development and trying out React, Vue, and Svelte while studying the differences between them. As an exercise, I made giscus and its component library.

I grew up in small districts of Jakarta. I spend my free time writing, reading, playing music, and enjoying time alone or with my friends and family. I also play video games occasionally.

  1. 2022

    • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Freelance

      Started freelancing as an open source software developer while preparing for my next step in life.

  2. 2021

    • 🏒Joined GudangAda

      My first full-time job as a Software Engineer.

    • πŸŽ“Graduated from University

      It was a very exhausting journey and I'm really grateful I made it.

  3. 2020

    • πŸ—£οΈSpoke at DjangoCon Europe

      Presented my talk titled "Implementing a Cross-DB JSONField".

    • 🐍Part-Time at VIPERdev

      I worked on a Django+Angular project that integrates Slack, Stripe, and AI services.

    • 🐍Internship at VIPERdev

      I learned more about Django and Angular while working on different projects. I also set up CI/CD on GitLab for some of the projects.

    • πŸ—£οΈTalked at DjangoChat

      Discussed my Google Summer of Code experience in an episode of DjangoChat, a weekly podcast on the Django Web Framework.

    • πŸ•ΈοΈWeb Developer at Fasilkom UI

      Maintained a room reservation system by upgrading the stack, optimizing database queries, fixing bugs and vulnerabilities, as well as adding new features.

  4. 2019

    • β˜€οΈGoogle Summer of Code with Django

      Implemented the cross-DB JSONField feature which became part of the Django 3.1 release.

    • πŸ’»Led DSC Universitas Indonesia

      Led the Universitas Indonesia chapter of Developer Student Clubs, a program run by Google Developers. I worked with five core team members to build a new community of 270+ students.

  1. 2018

    • 🧩Internship at Wikimedia Indonesia

      Helped setting up a local server to host applications internally.

    • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«Started as a Teaching Assistant at Fasilkom UI

      Tutored students, designed problem sets, and graded assignments in four different courses.

  2. 2017

    • 🏫Started at Universitas Indonesia

      I considered studying English Literature or Visual Design. However, I already had experience in programming, so I decided to pursue Computer Science further.

    • πŸŽ’Graduated High School

      I found amazing friends in high school whom I still keep in touch with.

  3. 2016

    • πŸ†Won the Grand Prize of Besut Kode

      Besut Kode was an open source software development competition for high school students held by Wikimedia Indonesia. This competition introduced me to the world of open-source software. I became friends with some highly-skilled students from this competition.

    • πŸ“National Science Olympiad in Informatics

      Even though I only became a provincial-level finalist, the olympiad made me learn more about discrete mathematics and basic competitive programming skills.

  4. 2013

    • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Learned HTML and CSS

      I completed the HTML and CSS course on Codecademy, but I gave up learning JavaScript because it was too much for my brain to comprehend.

  5. 2012

    • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Hello World

      My sister had just started her Computer Science study and I was curious enough to borrow her book. I wrote a Hello World program and a basic input/output program with Java Swing. I didn't learn Java again until six years later.

  6. 2011

    • πŸ“±Modded my cell phone

      Smartphones were very expensive and weren't as common as they are now. So, I learned how to mod my Sony Ericsson feature phone and changed the font, icons, layout, etc. For some reason, XML made sense to my twelve-year-old self back then. I also learned how to patch my phone's firmware to add new features and enable it to run ELF executables. I played around with IDA even though I didn't have a single idea about assembly instructions. Fun stuff.

  7. 1999

    • πŸ‘ΆBorn

      Hello, world!