1. django-jsonfield-backport

    Backport of the cross-DB JSONField model and form fields from Django 3.1.

    • Brings a highly-anticipated feature of Django 3.1 into previous versions.

    • Supports multiple versions of MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

    • isort and flake8-compliant with black code style and 100% code coverage.

    • Automated testing on 29 different system environments with Django 2.2, 3.0, and 3.1.

    • Automated PyPI releases with GitHub Actions.

  2. laymonage.com

    A personal website built with Vue, TypeScript, and Tailwind.

    • Responsive design for devices with screen width of 320px and up.

    • Clean architecture with reusable single-file components.

    • Dark and light modes support.

  3. kbbi-python

    A module that scraps the online Indonesian dictionary (KBBI).

    • Provides a much-needed (unofficial) API and a CLI to the online dictionary.

    • Supports authentication with a KBBI account to increase the rate limit.

    • Built with requests, beautifulsoup4, and Python's argparse module.

    • 25+ stars and used by 80+ projects on GitHub.

    • 17,500+ downloads according to PePy.

    • isort and flake8-compliant with black code style and 100% code coverage.

    • Automated PyPI releases with GitHub Actions.

  4. SIGAP

    A mobile app that facilitates medical institutions in fulfilling their medical equipment needs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Built with Flutter for Android, iOS, and Web.

    • Utilizes Cloud Firestore to provide real-time data.

    • Worked with 5 other developers to build the app in one week with little prior knowledge about Flutter.

  5. Santun

    An Android app to send anonymous messages.

    • Built using the MVVM architectural pattern.

    • Utilizes a RecyclerView populated from a local SQLite database synced with a web service.

    • Utilizes Kotlin coroutines to avoid I/O blocking.

    • Modular UI divided into fragments.

  6. Flappy Mecin

    A Flappy Bird clone with an artificial intelligence opponent trained with a Neuroevolution algorithm.

    • Implemented a neural network and genetic algorithm from scratch.

    • Successfully trained the AI so that it has almost zero chance of losing the game.

    • Made use of C# delegate functions to bind methods dynamically and make the code more modular.

    • Worked with 2 other classmates to build the game with little prior knowledge about Unity and C#.

  7. AidenBot

    Multi-purpose bot for LINE built with Flask.

    • 250+ users on LINE messaging platform.

    • Connected to various APIs like OpenWeather, Wikipedia, Reddit, WolframAlpha, etc.

  8. SSO UI Starter Pack for Django

    A Django starter project ready to be used with Universitas Indonesia's CAS SSO.

    • Utilizes django-cas-ng to authenticate with UI's SSO system.

    • 100% code coverage and 10/10 code quality rated by pylint.

    • Includes preconfigured Travis CI script for linting, testing, and Heroku deployment.

  9. eval

    A simple form to write anonymous evaluations for me.

    • Minimal setup with HTML, CSS (Materialize), and JS (JQuery).

    • Serverless architecture with Netlify Forms to handle form submissions.

  1. sage sans

    A sans-serif font based on my own handwriting, made with FontForge and released under OFL 1.1.

    • 10,000+ downloads on DaFont.

    • Featured in some children's books published by Verlagsgruppe Oetinger.

  2. Tiga

    A digitalized final assignment for my comic class.

  3. Lunacy

    A minimalist, simple, and clean LINE theme with beige and blue color scheme.

  4. The Dark Side of Big Ben

    A digital painting mashup of Big Ben and the legendary album art.

  5. Aiden's Reactions

    An expressive sticker set for your daily conversations, available on Telegram and LINE.

  6. Portal 2 LINE Theme

    A clean Portal 2 theme for LINE Android app.

  1. TarungLab: Dasar-Dasar Pemrograman 1

    A collection of learning materials in Indonesian for basic programming with Python.