1. giscus


    A comments widget built on GitHub Discussions.

  2. django-jsonfield-backport


    Backport of the cross-DB JSONField model and form fields from Django 3.1.

  3. base


    This very website, built with React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind.

  4. AidenBot


    Multi-purpose bot for LINE built with Flask.

  1. sage sans

    sage sans

    A sans-serif font based on my own handwriting, made with FontForge and released under OFL 1.1.

  2. Tiga


    A digitalized final assignment for my comic class.

  3. Lunacy


    A minimalist, simple, and clean LINE theme with beige and blue color scheme.

  4. The Dark Side of Big Ben

    The Dark Side of Big Ben

    A digital painting mashup of Big Ben and the legendary album art.

  5. Aiden's Reactions

    Aiden's Reactions

    An expressive sticker set for your daily conversations, available on Telegram and LINE.

  6. Portal 2 LINE Theme

    Portal 2 LINE Theme

    A clean Portal 2 theme for LINE Android app.