2021 Week 173 min read

Home repairs 🧑‍🔧

The water booster pump in my house decided to stop working after ~3 years. I had to spend the weekend helping my father installing a new one.

The instructions were a bit unclear, which resulted in a small leak. We had to redo the installation to get it right.

That project™

I've managed to get the manual installation of the product to work. I'll need to write a small script so that users can just include that to their websites.

I think I'll also need to work on theming, at least light and dark mode. I wanted to showcase the project on this blog this week, but the current code only supports light mode. It would be ugly to see it when you have dark mode enabled on this website.

Old friends

Last year, a friend of mine had an idea of a weekly online sharing session within our group during Ramadan. (It's a group of friends from high school.) Each of us would share and discuss about a particular topic we studied in university 🧑‍🎓.

This year, we're bringing it back. Actually, it might become something that we'll do every Ramadan.

This week, my friend who went to medical school shared about some types of injuries (sprain, strain, fractures, etc.) and their treatments. He also shared about his experiences during clinical training.

It's always very interesting to learn about what my friends learn!

Oh, and we ended yesterday's session by watching the Josh Fight.

Work during Ramadan

I'm still trying to find the right balance for my (8) work hours during Ramadan.

I need to get up at around 3-4 AM for Sahur (early morning meal). After that, I usually stay up until around 8 AM and go to sleep for an hour or two. When it's nearing Iftar (4-6 PM), I start to lose focus. (Writing code with an empty stomach isn't really my thing). Then, I already feel sleepy by 8 PM.

That schedule isn't always consistent. Right now, I'm writing this post at midnight. I always need to readjust every day.

And this is fasting in easy mode™ 🎮. One of the perks of living here is that it's always only about 12 hours from dawn to nightfall. Some folks around the world have it harder.