2021 Week 183 min read

Musical instrument 🎵

I've been trying to learn a certain musical instrument for the past few years, but I'd always dropped it after a few weeks of practice. It's mostly because I was very busy with university, even on the weekends.

Now that I've finished my study, my schedule is much more predictable. Thus, I'm picking up the instrument again. I don't want to share much details about it until I can play some songs confidently, but I can tell you that it has strings.

One of the reasons why I always stopped learning mid-way is the lack of motivation. If I only learn by myself and nobody keeps track of my progress, I easily get demotivated for some reason.

Thus, I'm trying something out with my friend. Once a week, we'll have an online meeting, taking turns to update our progress on what we learn. Coming from non-CS background, he's trying to learn machine learning. I picked the ML course during my study, so I should be able to help out. I bet I'll also learn new things along the way.

We'll see how it goes!

Sharing session

Last week, I wrote about the sharing session that I do with my friends during Ramadan. It's my turn this week!

In fact, I'm going to do it in about 15 minutes from now. I'll talk about web stuff in general. I'm not preparing any slides, though. I hope I'll still be able to get things across.

That project™

I managed to get light, dark, and dark dimmed modes working, just like on GitHub. It's mostly done, I just need to create the landing page and onboarding for users. I also need to write that small script to wrap the thing.

Anyway, I think it's mostly done. I'll open a public alpha next week, hopefully.

Oh, and have I told you that you can try it on this very page? Please do! Scroll down to the end of this post and you'll see something that might be of your interest.

P.s. upvoting doesn't work yet. For some reason, GitHub keeps throwing a permission denied error, even with all permissions enabled.