2021 Week 192 min read

Learning 🎵

I've got back to where I left off a few months ago (with the instrument)! I still have a long way to go, though. I managed to spend around 20-30 minutes every day to practice...

...except this weekend. I skipped Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because I'm way too focused on my side project (we'll get to that later).

My friend shared about the stuff he learned the past two weeks. He learned about linear regression and SVR. The course that he took leans toward practical ML, so it doesn't go in-depth on the theory. He also learned some pandas and numpy basics along the way.

As I suspected, I've already forgotten a lot of the stuff I learned on the topic. It's good to refresh my memory! I also gave some tips to my friend on improving the developer experience.

That project™

I spent much of the week working on the project. I opened some issues to document things that need to be done. I have yet to implement one of the features I'd like to have, though.

Still, I think it's mostly ready. I'll try to implement that feature within the next few days, and I'll see about making a proper release next Friday...

...but, for the curious...