2021 Week 202 min read

Eid al-Fitr ☪️

Eid mubarak! Ramadan went by so fast.

I visited some relatives in the area. We didn't go to my grandmother's due to some travel restrictions.

Old friends

We decided to also do the sharing sessions beyond Ramadan if any of us has something interesting to teach. My friend, who's in medical school, shared about how fever works and how to handle it. He also shared (again) about his experiences during clinical training.

I also gave an update to my friend on my learning progress with the instrument. I couldn't practice much this week because I had to prepare for my project's release. I did try to play a little bit of something every day, though.

That project™

I've released it! It's called giscus. I've already written about it yesterday.

So, yeah, I spent most of the week polishing stuff and squashing some bugs to prepare for the release.

Just as I was about to publish the project, I thought about renaming the project. It was initially called giscussions. It's an obvious play on GitHub Discussions, but I realized that it's a bit too long. I like my project names shorter.

So, I tried to come up with alternatives. Shortening it to giscuss was an option, but then I thought about something better.

There's a lot of websites out there that use Disqus as their commenting system. I'm sure a lot of people have already heard about (if not used) it.

Hence, I thought, why not name it giscus? It's a nice play on Disqus. Looking at the name, people could read it as "something like Disqus, but it uses GitHub instead".

I decided to postpone the release and do the renaming. It went pretty smoothly, and I'm really thankful for that. Still, I keep telling myself, why didn't I come up with it sooner? Oh well.

Anyway, yeah, it's officially out now, and you can try it at the bottom of this page.