2021 Week 222 min read

Earlier this week, my friend and I were making plans to stay at an apartment in a nearby city for the whole June. We had talked about this a few times before, but we hadn't planned anything after the pandemic started.

Change of plans

Everything seemed good and we had planned to leave next Wednesday. Then, on Friday, we got the news that my friend's father tested positive for COVID.

The rest of my friend's family took the test, and the results were out on Saturday. He tested positive.

I really hope his family gets better soon.

Website revamp

I did a small revamp to this website. It's nothing too fancy, really. The most noticable differences are the new font (Source Sans Pro) and the removal of the cards' background color.

I removed the cards as they seemed too restrictive for the design. I would like to add stuff that could extend beyond the main container's width, which wasn't quite possible when I still had the cards.

I changed the font just to be more consistent. Previously, I used two different fonts (Lato and Oxygen) for regular and markdown contents.

The main goal of the revamp was to reduce the visual complexity within the main content without changing things too much, if that makes sense. I think I've achieved that, but you be the judge.


It seems giscus is pretty stable now. I only did some minor fixes and improvements this week.

It hasn't quite got the traction that I aimed for, though. I'll try to post it on HackerNews and Product Hunt later today.