2021 Week 272 min read

I took an antigen rapid test on Monday. The result came out negative, but I'm not convinced. I probably should've taken a PCR test instead.

I'm pretty sure it was COVID. Anyway, I'm better now. My family, too.

The number of cases has been skyrocketing for the past two weeks. Hospitals are full. People are dying in my area.

It really is not a good time to be here in my country. I wish I were someplace safer.

Everything else

To take my mind off things, I played Red Dead Redemption (the first one) yesterday. I finished it, actually. It was good. The ending was rather sad, though.

I had been taking a break off the musical instrument for a while. I picked it up again on Thursday and Friday. Still learning...

I spent the rest of the weekend working on giscus. I fixed some bugs, added a new feature, and updated the themes to match GitHub's recent updates. I'm still working on the custom CSS support. It should be finished soon.