Something to wonder about

2021 Week 292 min read

I started reading books again. I still have a lot of books I haven't read.

This week, I read Thirteen Reasons Why. I bought the book three years ago on a short trip with my friend.

It was interesting. I liked how the double narrative works for the story, and how the writer utilized it effectively. The story touches some highly sensitive topics, though, so it made me feel uneasy at times.

Not much stuff going on at work this week. We're starting a new integration project soon, and it looks quite complex. I hope it goes smoothly.

I wrote some tests and docs for my PR to Django. Not sure if I've covered everything, though. We'll see after the review.

I didn't do much on giscus. I initially planned to refactor the styling, but I didn't feel like doing more programming.

I continued practicing things with the instrument. I think I made some good progress this week, even though I didn't follow the course that I'm taking.

I'm not feeling so good this weekend for some reason. I didn't even feel like playing a video game. I had planned to watch a movie instead, but I also ended up not doing it and went to sleep instead.

Also, there's been a lot of sad news everywhere. I even dreamed about some deaths, two nights in a row. Waking up crying is not the best way to start the day. Ugh.

Something I've been thinking a lot lately: apart from my real-life friends, why have I never seen someone my age on "tech" Twitter? Would love to see more, honestly. It would be nice to have some friends around the world that I can really connect with.