2021 Week 373 min read

Last year, I participated in the Python Developer Survey by JetBrains. Apparently, I was one of the lucky winners to receive the "Python Surprise Gift Pack" from JetBrains and the PSF. The pack arrived on Monday.

Python Surprise Gift Pack

I've updated this website to use Next.js 11.1 to leverage its experimental ESM support. That took me some time because I got into some TypeScript type mismatches in the remark and rehype plugins I use for MDX. There was also an incompatibility with my setup, but it's fixed now.

At work, the product team are still refining the requirements for the new project. I didn't have much to work on, so I tried adding source maps to our Sentry set up.

I couldn't get it to work. The source maps were successfully uploaded to Sentry, and our release and environment tags are correctly configured. However, Sentry just won't recognize the source maps. I haven't figured out how to fix it 😬

On Sunday, two of my friends and I visited another friend who recently graduated. There's a table tennis set at his house, so we played for a while.

I like table tennis even though I suck at it. I used to play it when I was still in university, though I regret only trying it out in my sixth semester.

I wanted to try it ever since I saw the table on my campus. However, there were always people using it and I didn't bother to wait until they finish.

In my sixth semester, we moved to a new building and we also had a table tennis set there. It was not as crowded as the old building, so I managed to find the table empty sometimes, and I would play with my friends.

Then the pandemic hit in the middle of the sixth semester, and I hadn't played table tennis again until yesterday. It felt good.

I'm playing table tennis!
Yes, I was wearing the PyCharm t-shirt.

I also finally completed Psychonauts 2. And when I say complete, it means:

All minds and places have been completed!
Rank 102!
All achievements have been unlocked!

I also made a digital painting, but I'm going to hold that one for next week because it's going to be a surprise for someone.