On the house

2021 Week 393 min read

giscus 💎

Last week, I got a warning from Vercel about my free usage limit. It turns out that lowering the memory usage limit didn't help much.

I decided to apply for sponsorship instead, even though giscus doesn't meet all of the criteria because it uses SSR. Let's hope they accept it!


We started the new project this week. It's tough and it looks like I'm going to be real busy for the next few weeks.

On Friday, we had fun together in an online event. Each of us ordered food, all expenses paid by my workplace. I ordered some goat meat satay. It was good.

On the weekend, I was busy doing some teaching assistant duties. The students demonstrated their assignments and I graded them. It's a bit exhausting 'cause the way the students scheduled their demonstrations made my schedule sparse. I can't do anything in between the demos.

The assignment was about the basics of Django's URL dispatcher and the MTV stuff. The new curriculum is a bit weird though, because they're introduced a bit too early. Some students have not fully understood the core concepts yet.

Entertainment & Friends

Unfortunately, I feel like I didn't have much free time this week. I feel tired, so I mostly just had passive entertainment.

I watched Funny Games on Sunday. It was interesting, but also frustrating to watch.

There was another group of first-year students who wanted to get to know me and my friends. It went pretty much the same way as the group in last week.

On Saturday, a student organization in my faculty asked me to have a fireside chat and talk about my experience in open source. They're trying to get new contributors to their open source projects and introduce other students to open source in general. It's a good initiative, and I'm happy to see it.

Sam has been learning Django, so I've also been helping him understand the basics. He's picking things up quickly and I'm really happy to see his progress. If all goes well, we hope he can land an internship by the end of this year or early next year.

My friend from university got me started playing Final Fantasy XIV. Just like other MMORPGs, the UI is quite complex. However, I think it's more friendly than WoW, so it didn't really overwhelm me. I also played with a controller, so that might have helped.

I've heard about the game a lot, but I wasn't sure if it's worth the subscription. However, they made updates to the free trial last year and the base game plus the first expansion pack are now free.

I only played for about three hours, but I did enjoy it! The music is great, too. I'm definitely going to play some more next weekend.