2021 Week 452 min read

giscus 💎

We have some minor fixes and improvements this week.

The Chinese localization has been updated. Language options are now displayed in their own languages. Comments can now be submitted with Command+Enter on Mac. Some styles have been improved.

Someone also submitted updates to the project configuration: dependabot is now enabled, GitHub Actions caching now uses the default config, and dependencies have been upgraded. I updated Next.js to 12.0.3.

I've implemented a fixed-width font toggle to the comment box, but I haven't merged it yet.


My tasks for the ad-hoc requests are done. Next week's main task would be to improve the mobile view.

I will also get back to my TA duties next week...

Fun stuff

Sam and I did some pair programming (again). We changed our approach so that the gmaps image result is retrieved from the server side, so that we don't have to expose the API keys in the client. Sam also implemented a zoom level slider input and I taught him how to customize the <input>'s type to range from our Django form. We also did some refactoring.

I half-seriously tried to play this one song on the instrument, even though I couldn't really find the chords online (only those automated ones). Funnily enough, I think I kind of figured it out.

After playing it every day for the whole week, it's the first (or maybe second) song that I can play from start to finish. I showed it to Sam and he liked it.

I still haven't figured out how to sing and play at the same time, though...

She and I have been texting every day since last week. There was some heavy stuff we talked about.

We're gonna have a call tonight. Maybe more next week.

I'm grateful 🥰