First watch

2021 Week 482 min read

giscus 💎

We now have Taiwanese Mandarin localization.

Not much else for this week because I was busy.


I'm the person in charge for the frontend part of our current project. It's a bit complex, but we're getting there.

I just realized I no longer have to do demos in my TA job for the rest of the semester. That's one thing off the plate.

Fun stuff

Sam and I didn't feel like programming, so we just chatted. We started off with some web dev stuff, which somehow led to how Tailwind works, then to how compilers work, then to world history. Fun.

Dune's no longer in the cinemas 🙁... watched Venom instead. Had udon afterwards (delicious 🍜). It rained heavily as I was riding my bike on the way home. I forgot to bring a raincoat, so I got drenched. Still, it was a 11/10 day.

On Sunday, I watched A Quiet Place Part II at home with my family.

No badminton this week, maybe the next.

I played FFXIV for about an hour, but then the power went out for a few seconds. It got me disconnected from the game, which killed my mood, so I didn't continue.

As for the instrument, I tried different playing styles just for the fun of it. I mean, I don't even know if I did them the right way as I didn't look for a tutorial. I want to seriously get back to it, but I haven't got the energy.