2021 Week 502 min read

giscus 💎

We reached 1k stars on GitHub!

That was really fast. It hasn't even been a year. I'm really grateful.

Thank you to everyone who tried it out!

There's not much update other than that. I did upgrade some of the dependencies, but nothing major.


I've only completed the peer review form for one person. Still five more to go...

Fun stuff

I finally made my bachelor thesis repository public. You can read it here. I've been meaning to do that since the first log. It wasn't as easy as flicking a switch, for a few reasons.

One of my advisors used squash-and-merge when merging my progress MRs on GitLab. I want my public repository to retain my commits, so I had to rebase. A lot.

I also wanted to write down its imperfections and some of my thoughts after finishing it. I just couldn't bring myself to do that before now.

Glad it's finally out of the way.

Sam was still recovering from typhus, so our session was nothing serious.

We talked about games in the PS2 era. I hadn't met him until high school, but we have a lot of childhood things in common.

I mentioned Clone Hero and we decided to try it out. We ended up playing for hours with custom songs that we love. It was so much fun! We'll play again next week.

I played badminton with my high school friends on Sunday, but only three of us showed up. It wasn't as fun as usual. However, we went to a McDonald's after that and talked for a few hours, and that was fun.

My parents redecorated my room with new wallpapers. I wanted to post a picture but it's not finished yet. Almost. I also have yet to tidy up my room...

I finally watched Dune on Sunday. I loved the cinematography! It was beautiful. I'm not familiar with the books, though, so I haven't fully grasped the whole thing.