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2022 Week 042 min read

giscus 💎

Dependencies updates and a minor fix for one of the languages.

Started working on a feature to place the comment input box at the top. Still needs some polish before it can be merged, though.


Did a lot of refactoring to remove some abstractions. Duplication isn't worse than hastily made abstractions.

Fun stuff

Watched Joker for the first time on Friday. Yeah, late to the party. Anyway, I think it's a good movie. I like how it can stand on its own if you disregard the Batman connection. It works just like a thriller.

Went for a morning walk around the neighborhood with Sam on Saturday. We had breakfast together at a small nasi kebuli shop. It was raining as we finished eating, so we sat for about an hour.

We continued to walk and bought some drinks at a nearby convenience store. Talked about some personal background stuff that we had never discussed before. It was really interesting considering I've known him for almost eight years yet we never really talked about it before.

After that, we rode my motorbike to a friend's house. He recently had his bachelor thesis defense, so we went there to celebrate. There were five of us and we were just chilling for the entire day. Sam and I rode around the area and took the long way home until past 8 PM. I drove the entire time. It was so much fun 😄

Spent the Sunday just resting. Wasn't really in the mood to play games. I read Escape Room on Webtoon instead. I think I started reading it almost two years ago then kinda forgot about it. Binged the series until the latest (free) episode. It's pretty good!