Fascinating tools

2022 Week 112 min read

giscus 💎

No updates this week.


Still figuring things out. We use this fascinating piece of software called telepath that acts as a bridge between Django and React. It's really nice because you can utilize React for fancy UI stuff and keep the complex logic (including form validation) in Django. I still need to gather a lot of context on how we use it in our project, though.

There was also a brief meeting to introduce me to how we do frontend stuff for client projects. Learned about the existence of django-pattern-library from that. The client project things aren't that relevant for me yet because I'm mainly working on Wagtail (and a related, in-house product). However, it's still nice to know and it'll probably be useful if I ever get my hands on a client project, which is highly likely.

Other stuff

Got my booster shot on Wednesday. We were supposed to either get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, but the hospital ran out of those. AstraZeneca once more 💉💉💉.

Sent a PR to Django to fix a bug in HasKeyLookup. Not very proud of the current solution, but at least that worked. Looks like it still needs improvement.

On Sunday, I tried to start preparing the slides for my Wagtail Space talk. It was raining and the power went out just as I was about to get started. It went back up after about an hour, but the damage had been done. Still ended up with something, though. It's mostly just rehashed from my DjangoCon Europe talk. Gotta write the new material soon...

Asked about the current state of macOS package managers. Still managed to avoid using any for now, but I needed to know what to use if I ever get in an inevitable situation.

Wanted to try playing around with Ansible per Adam's and Carlton's suggestions, but I didn't have the energy yet.

Other than that, I mostly just spent the weekend resting.