2022 Week 163 min read

giscus πŸ’Ž

Most updates were done in giscus-component this week.

Fixed an issue in giscus-component when using the URL mapping. I think I messed it up during a refactor. A line of code referring to a variable named origin was refactored into a separate method, but I didn't carry over the variable. That didn't trigger an undefined variable warning as it ended up using the global origin variable (a.k.a. window.location.origin), hence I missed it.

Added a part attribute to the <iframe> element in the web component so you can style it with the ::part() selector.

New versions have been released to include those updates.

I've also updated all the dependencies in both giscus-component and giscus itself.


Did some refactoring in Wagtail's Snippets views to use class-based views. It's not that because class-based views are better. It's just that we're planning to wrap the views in a ViewSet and then wrapping that ViewSet with something else that would eventually become the "ultimate" way to automatically have CRUD views for any Django model in Wagtail admin.

Feels good to actually work on open source ☺️

Iftar, together β˜ͺ️

My high school friends and I had iftar (break-fasting dinner) together at one of my friends' house. It was so great to see everyone again. We had Nasi Kebuli, with a bunch of snacks and beverages. All delicious.

My friends and I chilling on the rooftop as we waited for iftar
About to go home

We spent hours discoursing about various topics. It was so interesting and each of us gained a lot of new insights from one another. I think what made it so interesting was the fact that all of us took different majors in university:

  1. Economics βœ…
  2. Pharmacy βœ…
  3. Medicine βœ…
  4. Physics βœ…
  5. Statistics βœ…
  6. Aerospace Engineering βœ…
  7. Electrical Engineering βœ…
  8. Computer Science βœ…

We talked and joked around until 10PM.

So. much. fun.

Other stuff

Completed Leon's Resident Evil 2 Remake campaign! That was awesome. I really enjoyed the balance between horror and action in this one. Seems that I conserved too much items, as I had a bunch of gunpowder that could've been crafted into ammo. Still had a bunch of herbs as well.

I'll play Claire's campaign next week.

Didn't get to play Borderlands 2 this week. Maybe next.

Had a chat with Nat again on Sunday night. We both were drawing something as we talked and showed each other's progress. I learned some things about shading from him, though I didn't really apply them to my current drawing. That was really nice, though.

I'll post the result next week.