2022 Week 183 min read

giscus 💎

Updated some dependencies and that's it. Thought about rewriting the app using Remix, but I'm still not fully convinced yet.


We're planning to add revisions to snippets. So, one of the things we need to do was to replace the PageRevision model with a generic Revision model.

There were some difficulties getting GenericForeignKey to play nicely with how Wagtail's Page model inheritance works. I spent a good chunk of time debugging some of the tests as well. Even had to use the debugger instead of the good ol' print()!

Had another pair programming session with my manager to figure things out. In the end, we ended up ditching GenericForeignKey and we filter the ID and content type manually instead. I'll see if I could rewire GenericForeignKey into this somehow...

Ramadan ☪️ ended on Sunday. Eid al-Fitr would be on Monday, so I would take the day and the next off next week.

Other stuff

Played some Borderlands 2 with the others on Tuesday. I finished Claire's campaign in Resident Evil 2 Remake on Saturday. The true ending was interesting.

Since nobody else in my group of friends had the time to prepare some materials for our "TEDx sessions" this year, I volunteered to have a live coding session on Saturday. The idea was to write a Python task that can be run periodically and send the result as a push notification using a Telegram bot. My friend suggested the task to be "checking a subscribed Webtoon comic every day and see if there's a new episode that hasn't been read". I went ahead and did it. I ended up explaining the basics of how web pages are loaded, how to make use of the browser's DevTools, and making requests with httpx/requests. That was really fun and we all learned a lot.

Watched the pilot episode of Severance on Sunday. The concept is really intriguing. Looking forward to watch more!

Extracted this site's content into a separate repository and added it as a submodule to the website's repo. That means the content has its own commit history regardless where it's going to be deployed. I think it's nice. I guess you could say I severed the repository...