2022 Week 203 min read

giscus 💎

AWS Lambda added support for Node.js 16 this week, so we finally could upgrade.

That means we could drop the polyfill for webcrypto. I made the issue for that just a little over a year ago.

Released new versions of the giscus-component library this week. Made it so that the component is only rendered after it's mounted. The older (v1) release did this, but I thought it would no longer be necessary with the move to web components. It turns out that this causes an issue for sites that are server-rendered (or statically generated) where the initial theme can't be determined, so the component was always rendered with the light theme on initial render.

Made a mistake when releasing the new versions: I forgot to update the web component dependency on the React, Vue, and Svelte packages. No big deal, though, as the change wasn't made in the web component. I'll update them next week.


On Sunday, giscus turned one year old!

I wrote the release announcement last year. Time flies.

Within a year, we managed to get:

  • a little over 2k stars (and users)
  • sponsored
  • translation contributions for 15+ languages

I'd say that's quite an accomplishment.

Thank you to all users and everyone who contributed!


Managed to get Revisions to work with Snippets. If your Django model extends from RevisionMixin and is registered with Wagtail's @register_snippet decorator, you'll automatically get revisions enabled on the model. This means that you can revert to a previous revision and compare two revisions.

None of my PRs have been merged, so you can't test it from the main branch yet. I'd expect this to take quite a while to review as the change from PageRevision to Revision is quite significant. At least internally.

Other stuff

Played some Borderlands 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, just like last week. I think this will go on for quite some time, as both games are quite massive.

There was a family birthday on Saturday. Some relatives came over to celebrate. Some of them were unexpected, but that's okay.

My friends and I played badminton on Sunday! It's the first time we played since January, and the second time this year. Feels good to play again.

One peculiar thing happened this week. It's rather upsetting, but there's not much I could do at the moment. I just wish I had expressed my intentions more clearly...

There are times when you just don't know what to say. Maybe silence would have been for the better.