2022 Week 262 min read

giscus 💎

Updated the dependencies and merged a PR for Portuguese localization.

I decided not to merge the PR for changing the status code for nonexisting discussions to 404.


We've started merging the PRs I've opened over the past few weeks. Technically, you can already enable revisions in Snippets if you check out the main branch.

DjangoCon Europe 2022

Looks like I'm going to be talking at DjangoCon Europe this year! I have other news to share in the coming months, but some things are still uncertain. If all goes as planned, I'll deliver the talk live in Porto.

Other stuff

Watched Days of Wine and Roses. It's tragic. The soundtrack is great.

Chatted with Nat and he showed me his progress on a project he's been working on. It's looking great! Can't wait to share it everywhere.

Played a lot of Fallout: New Vegas over the weekend. This game has so much content. Loving the songs on the radio as well.

Badminton with my friends on Sunday. Enjoying this a lot while I can...