"Last" luncheon

2022 Week 312 min read

giscus 💎

Made some QoL updates this week.

  • Self-host MathJax libraries (#637).
  • Remove unused iframe-resizer host script (#638).
  • Safely remove MathJax settings (#641). (This one was a mess because apparently I forgot how exception handling works.)
  • Add styles for flash and flash-error classes (#639).
  • Use giscus:backlink <meta> tag if exists to link to the origin page (#642).


Still working on the new flow for scheduled publishing. Made a draft PR.

Other stuff

Went to the dentist again on Wednesday. It's been more than six months since last time, so I had my teeth scaled. All good!

"Last" luncheon

Had lunch together with my high school friends at an Arabic restaurant!

My friends and I at the restaurant!

By request, Sean also presented some slides about diabetes. That was really useful! Considering the food we had...

This is some sort of a one "last" get-together before three of us are leaving. Sam is going to Sweden. Zuck is going to Korea. And then, there's me... we'll get to that later.

The restaurant is owned by our mutual friend from high school. We didn't get to meet him as he was out of town. The food was delicious, though! I got some takeaways for my family.