2022 Week 342 min read

giscus 💎

Updated some dependencies. That's all.


Wagtail 4.0 RC2 is out.

Found some bugs and made some fixes that made it into the RC2. There are some other things not merged yet that should be in by the final release.

Big stuff

Sam left for Sweden on Wednesday!

Sam's send-off at the airport with me and my friends.

Sam went to the airport with his family, while Sean drove the rest of us there.

It was a bit tough to see him go. I'm so happy for him, though!

My friends and I had lunch together on our way back from the airport.

If things go as planned, I'll meet Sam again at the end of the year.

And... Zuck also left for Korea on Saturday!

Zuck and I at his house before he left for the airport.

I didn't go to the airport, but I visited his house before he left.

Sam and Zuck will pursue their Master's degree. Hope all goes well for all my friends 😀

As for me...


Been sitting on this for a while, but I'm moving to the UK next Sunday!

I'm still waiting for my Portugal visa, but if I don't hear any news by Wednesday, I'll take my passport back on Thursday.

That means there's a chance that I might not make it to Portugal for DjangoCon Europe without some extra hoops, or that I might not make it there at all.

I really hope everything is going to work out.