Andrew Bird and BANNERS

2023-03-112 min read

This was last month, but I went to see Andrew Bird at the O2 Shepherd Bush, London. I was there with a colleague who also loves his music.

Andrew Bird and his trusty violin

He's one of my favourite musicians ever, so I'm so glad to finally have seen his live performance!

That was on the 19th of February. Two days later, I went to another gig.

It was BANNERS at Thekla, Bristol!

Michael Nelson a.k.a. BANNERS

His music showed up on my Spotify back in 2016. There were only one EP and a few singles, but I loved them so much. With the type of music he makes, I knew he was going to be big. However, he kind of fell off my radar after about a year or two.

Turns out, his 2017 single "Someone to You" went massive in 2020 thanks to a trend on TikTok. From there on, he seemed to have blown up. I'm glad more people are discovering his music!

I bought a t-shirt to support him. Oh, and did I tell you I got the setlist?

BANNERS T-Shirt and the gig setlist