Chamonix ski trip

2023-03-123 min read

Last week, Torchbox went for a ski trip to Chamonix, France!


The Bristol crew took a coach to the London St. Pancras station early in the morning. The timing was a bit tight, but we all made it before our train left, thanks to some lobbying. It's the first time I took the Eurostar and I quite enjoyed it!

By midday, we arrived at the Paris Gare du Nord station. Then we hopped to Paris Gare de Lyon to take the train to Lyon Perrache.

Lyon Perrache station

From there, we took a coach and finally arrived in Chamonix for dinner.


There was a beginner ski lesson in the morning. The lower slopes were a bit too slippery so it wasn't very enjoyable. Or maybe I just suck at skiing.

Me, Ester, and Will on the slopes

Later that day, a few of us went to Nyon, Switzerland to visit the Outreachy intern that we've been mentoring, Albina. After working together these past few months, it was so cool to finally see her in person. The fact that it coincided with the last day of her internship was so convenient.

Thibaud, Josh, Albina, Lauren, and me

We took the boat from Nyon to visit a small town of Yvoire, France. Yes, that meant we crossed the border again 😅

Thibaud looking at the horizon

Yvoire is a quiet little town that seemed so peaceful. I love it.

Streets of Yvoire

It was a fun little detour, but we had to go back to Chamonix for dinner that night.


We took the cable car to go up to Aiguille du Midi.

Aiguille du Midi

The view up there was so breathtaking. It was quite literally, as I felt so light headed every time I went up the stairs.


We had to return to the UK on Sunday. Before leaving, I went for a little hike up a nearby trail.

Hiking trail

Along the way home, we took a lovely group picture:

Group picture!

All in all, it was such an incredible trip.

I'm glad my Portugal visa won't expire until the 17th of March 😝