Lost memories

2022 Week 322 min read

giscus 💎

Updated some dependencies and that's it.


Finally got the scheduled publishing thingy working with (I think) all the edge cases covered.

I just remembered that while extracting DraftStateMixin so it can be used on snippets, we also extracted the scheduled publishing fields. We haven't really thought about how we're going to handle those fields in Snippets (i.e. whether we should officially add support for that in Wagtail 4, or postpone that for the next release). The RC is dragging on long enough as it is...

Other stuff

Visited one of my aunts. Been a while since I last saw her. Nice to see she's doing better than before.

Moved the files from my T480 to an external hard drive. Then I finally reinstalled Windows after I broke it months ago.

I'm not going to bring the T480 with me, so I decided to give it to my sister. She asked to dual-boot it with Kubuntu, so I did.

I accidentally lost some files while moving them to the external hard drive, though. Foolishly used Ctrl+X and had to unplug the drive when it became unresponsive for some reason. When I plugged it back in, the moved files aren't in the drive, and they're already gone from the laptop.